best coin to mine

Try Altcoins as Better Mining Options Over Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency was invented in 2009 without a very specific motive. The first cryptocurrency was named as Bitcoin (BTC) but questions have ever been raised on Bitcoins ability to scale effectually in this new market. This currency is decentralized and can be transacted within a network of computers using Blockchain technology which is an advanced way of transactions and a breakthrough in ledger-recording technology. The transactions are verified leaving no chance of manipulations. There is anonymity of transactions as there is no involvement of centralized banking system.

Major drawback in cryptocurrency mining

Bitcoin is far away from the reality world of financial transactions and its transaction method is quite different from that of all fiat currency transactions.

best coin to mine

Due to these reasons, cryptocurrency mining is dominating over fiat currency transactions. The major problem with this technology is that it is slow and transactions take time to complete. This is true to some extent but situation is not same with all cryptocurrencies.

Better mining options over Bitcoin

Bitcoin transaction is slow and its mining takes around 10 minutes, but you can choose some other crypto coin instead of Bitcoin which would be the best coin to mine. For instance, Litecoin (LTC) is one better option, the transaction of which takes not more than 2.5 minutes to complete. You can mine Ethereum (Ether) in just few seconds or try Ripple (XRP) with same speed of transaction. Stellar (XLM) is non-commercial and is more decentralized than the Ripple. There are nine top altcoins apart from Bitcoin that can be mined in a better way than Bitcoin for more benefits. These altcoins can be taken as better investment options.

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