best rc cars under 100

Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid Before and After Buying RC Cars

Driving RC cars are more than just a hobby for many. People take part in various competitions with their vehicles to win bragging rights. However, there are also people who love using such cars for fun and enjoyment. If you are a newbie, make sure you dont make the following mistakes when opting to purchase the best RC cars under $100:

  • Not researching adequately
  • Forgetting to recharge Batteries
  • Skipping the reading manual
  • Setting up the vehicle in the wrong way
  • Not checking tires
  • Over-speeding beyond the engine potential

These are some run-of-the-mill blunders which people make before and after purchasing RC vehicles. Lets ponder on these in detail.


best rc cars under 100


  • Not Performing In-Depth Research on RC Vehicles

One of the gravest errors a person can make is not gathering adequate data before opting to purchase RC cars. A lot of information about these products is available online. Moreover, the potential customers should go through training and instructional videos too.

  • Forgetting or Neglecting to Charge Batteries before Driving

The car doesnt come with enough juice as the cells lose initial charge. Hence, it is essential to recharge these batteries after getting the product in hand. Moreover, one should invest a proper amount on a charger to ensure it powers up correctly.

Setting it right is also essential as only then can it accommodate Li-PO, Ni-MH, and other battery types.

  • Completely Ignoring to Read Manual and Start Playing with the Car

It is understandable that getting the vehicle in hand is exciting and makes a person want to race immediately. However, straying away from the manual is not a good option. Manufacturers offer details which come in handy when racing. So, skipping it is not an option.

  • Not Setting Up Vehicle Properly Before Taking It Out

RC vehicles come with a ready to run tag. However, it doesnt mean that product is set up fully. One might have to tighten some screws,sothat these dont interfere with performance when operating it. Inspect suspension springs, balance levels, and other primary components of the car.

best rc cars under 100

  • Not Ensuring Tires are Glued to the Rims

The tires which come with RC vehicles are not always great and hence, they might come off when racing. So, one can opt for paddle tires and replace the original ones with glue. This procedure helps an individual to complete a race without having to watch tires flying in every direction.

However, other than these five mistakes above, two more are there. First, not breaching the cars engine potential by racing it at high speedson open spaces. Second, not maintaining it at regular intervals.

Hence, make sure you dont make these mistakes when opting for the best RC cars under $100.


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