Get Clean Confirmation Letter from the Company on Clean Medical Reports of Drug Usage

If you think that lung test and blood test and urine test are the only tests conducted before a candidate joins a company, then you are dead wrong. In the truest sense, it is important for a company to hire the best employees in order to help the company grow in the future. This is done by the various health tests conducted to find out whether if the candidate has been using any kind of drug lately or not.

Other tests to search for drug abuse.

There is yet another kind of test according to weed in my pocket and other similar websites online which lets the company know through the reports whether if the employee has been under illicit drug abuse or not. According to the wee in my pocket forum, use and consumption of excess illicit drugs may also lead to intensive hair fall among the people who consume a lot of drugs like cocaine and meth.


How to pass the hair follicle test?

You might be thinking to have your hair chopped off right before your hair follicle test. But this might cause to the instant disqualification of the candidature of the candidate and lose the job in the process. According to various online drug test websites like weedinmypocket etcetera, it suggests making use of the various hair detox available on the market.

What is a hair detox?

The hair detox is just like a shampoo. This liquid-based detox unit can be used every day while taking a bath. The applicator just requires to apply it on the scalp and help himself or herself from getting any further hair fall.

How does this help the person?

This shampoo will help the user into ways, it will eradicate the person of any traces of cocaine or meth and the detox shampoo will also help in the prevention of hair fall. There are other methods like the Macujo method which can also be used in similar cases. Know more about the whole processes of the different drug test websites on the internet like and others.

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